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1. What is a Criminal Restitution Order (CRO)?
2. What is a Restitution Lien?
3. Where can I find a copy of the CRO?
4. How are CROs enforced?
5. What is the purpose of the Maricopa County Department of Finance County Collections Unit (CCU)?
6. Do you report to the credit bureaus?
7. Why does the balance on the letter I received se em higher than what I thought I owed?
8. How is the interest calculated?
9. How can I contact CCU about my CRO?
10. Can I set up a payment plan?
11. What forms of payment do you accept?
12. Where can I make a payment?
13. What if I made an overpayment?
14. What if I can’t make a payment?
15. Why did the CCU take my Arizona State Tax Refund?
16. Once I pay the CRO in full, what happens?
17. Where can I obtain a copy of my payment history?
18. What if I don’t agree with the balance or I think there are missing payments?
19. Can I negotiate or settle my debt for less than what is owed?
20. As a victim, how can I update my address with the Court?
21. How do I file a motion with the Court?
22. How do I get my rights restored or get my undesignated felony reduced to a misdemeanor?
23. What if I have a CRO and my case is Joint and Severally Liable?
24. I have already sold my vehicle and I can’t transfer my title to the buyer.
25. Page 4 of 4 I bought a vehicle and MVD will not let me transfer the title into my name.
26. What options do I have as either the buyer or the seller?
27. How long does it take for the hold to be released once the debt is paid in full?
28. How can I protect myself from buying a vehicle that has a lien on it?