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Board of Supervisors Speakers Form

  1. Please add the meeting date

  2. Please add the agenda item number if known

  3. I wish to:
  4. Please Note:

    This document becomes a public record. Disclosure of the following information is optional but would enable the Chairman or County Staff to reach you if necessary.

  5. When Speaking

    Please state your name for the record, be brief, stay on the subject and present only new information. The Chairman reserves the right to ensure that all testimony is pertinent and not repetitive in order for the matter to be handled fairly and expeditiously. If you have any questions concerning the meeting or procedures, please call COB office at 602-506-3766 or email

  6. Guidelines for Speakers

    Pursuant to the Arizona Open Meeting Law, Board members may not discuss matters raised under the “Call to the Public” portion of the meeting; however, an individual Board member may respond to criticism made by those who have addressed the Board, ask staff to review an issue raised or may ask that the matter be placed on a future agenda. (Public comment is at the discretion of the Chairman.) Thank you for participating in today’s meeting.

    1. Comments may only be offered in meetings with Public Hearings. Additional “Call to the Public” comments may be submitted to the Board by email at
    2. Public comment will be limited to two minutes per speaker. The time clock or staff will provide a 10 or 15 second warning before your time is up so that you may conclude your comments accordingly.
    3. Each speaker will be called up in an expeditious manner.
    4. Your comments may not be addressed to other members of the public. In addition, no profanity will be tolerated. Everyone is asked to present their comments in a respectful and courteous manner.
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