How does the County advertise?

There are statutory requirements for providing public notice of a public auction of real and personal property. The requirements for the duration and type of legal notice are dictated by state statutes but the public notice period is normally 3-4 weeks in duration. Typically, the public notice postings appear in the Arizona Business Gazette.

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1. How much does this property cost?
2. Does the property have to be auctioned?
3. How long does the purchase process take?
4. What is the cost of the bid deposit to bring a property to auction?
5. What is the deposit for participating at the auction?
6. What happens to my bid deposit?
7. What if I'm the successful bidder and my financing falls through?
8. Is a Broker's Commission offered?
9. What can I build on the property?
10. How does the County advertise?
11. Are these the only properties the County, District and MCDOT have available for auction?
12. What about County buildings?
13. Can I bid below the starting bid if the minimum is not met?