How are permit fees determined?

The permit fee structure is established by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. The current fee schedule, available here in step #3, is incorporated in Ordinance P-36.

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1. My plans were reviewed and approved by MCDOT. How long is the approval valid?
2. I will be working on utilities or other facilities owned by another entity or jurisdiction? Does that entity need to review my plans?
3. Do I need to contact the Maricopa County Environmental Services Department (MCESD) if I intend to work on a water or sewer line?
4. I received my permit, when can I begin work?
5. My work is completed. Do I need to let MCDOT know?
6. How are permit fees determined?
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8. My permit expired but I still have work to do. How do I renew my permit?
9. I need to cancel my permit. Can I get a refund?
10. Are performance or surety bonds required for all MCDOT Right of Way permits?
11. I only need temporary Right of Way access. Do I still need a performance or surety bond?
12. My project is complete. How long will it take for my performance or surety bond to be returned?