A Beneficiary of the Deceased Individual's Life Insurance Policy

A person named in as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy on the deceased individual is eligible to receive a certified copy of the death certificate if all of the following criteria are met:

  • A copy of the life insurance policy for the deceased individual or other documentation from the company that issued the life insurance policy specifying the person as a beneficiary.
  • The beneficiary submits a signed application.
  • The beneficiary provides valid government issued identification or notarized signature on the application.
  • The beneficiary submits the appropriate fee(s).

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1. Funeral Director or Funeral Director’s Designee
2. Spouse
3. Parents
4. Grandparent
5. Adult Child
6. Grandchild
7. Brother or Sister
8. A Person Designated in a Power of Attorney
9. A Person Responsible for Final Disposition (Other than a Funeral Director)
10. A Person Named as the Executor or Beneficiary of the Deceased Individual's Estate
11. A Beneficiary of the Deceased Individual's Life Insurance Policy
12. A Person Named in a Court Order
13. A Person Authorized by an Eligible Person
14. An Insurance Company/Financial Institution
15. A Hospital or Healthcare Institution
16. A Person with a Court Order Having a Claim Against the Deceased Individual's Estate
17. An Attorney Representing a Person Eligible to Receive a Certified Copy
18. Consulate of a Foreign Government Request
19. Government Agency Request
20. Noncertified Copy: Genealogical Research
21. Noncertified Copy: Government Agency Request