What Are the Licensing Fees & Penalties?

The term of a dog license is based on the month and day of the most current rabies vaccination certificate on record; licenses are renewed annually, even if your dog’s vaccinations are still current.

  • A completed rabies vaccination certificate will include the following:
    • Owner’s name and address
    • Pet information (name, breed, color, age, etc.)
    • Administration date for the rabies vaccination
    • Manufacturer and serial/lot number of the vaccination used
    • Term of the vaccination or date the next vaccination is due
    • Veterinarian hospital/clinic where the dog was vaccinated
    • ID/license number and signature of the veterinarian administering the vaccination
  • Licensing fees:
    • Spayed/neutered dogs: $22 (discount of $3 for each license completed online)
    • Unaltered/intact dogs: $55 (discount of $5 for each license completed online)
    • Senior discounted rate for owners 65 years of age or older: $10 for each spayed/neutered dog (no additional discounts for completing online); $10 fee per dog applies to all altered dogs in the household registered to an owner 65 years of age or older
  • Licensing penalties:
    • Late fees accrue every 30 days at a rate of $3 a month for an altered dog and $6 a month for an unaltered dog
    • Unaltered/intact dogs under 1 year of age are charged $55 for their initial licensing, and once altered, they will be eligible for the $22 renewal rate the following year
    • You will need to renew your dog license by mail or in person if you receive an adjustment or waiver of late fees or penalties
    • State statute requires all dogs over three months of age that reside within Maricopa County for at least thirty consecutive days of each calendar year be licensed and vaccinated

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