How old does my child have to be to get into Head Start?
For Head Start, your child must be between 3 and 4 years of age. Not older than 5 years old by August 31, 2012.

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1. Can I visit my child's class?
2. Can I volunteer in the classroom?
3. Can we bring the younger siblings to the classroom while I volunteer in my child classroom?
4. Does Head Start accept children with disabilities or special needs?
5. Does my child have to be potty trained?
6. Do you play with kids outside in the summer?
7. How can I enroll my child in Head Start?
8. How do you discipline?
9. How many teaching staff are in a classroom?
10. How old does my child have to be to get into Head Start?
11. How will my child (ren) learn to get along with other children when in the home-based program?
12. I am a guardian of a child or foster parent. Can they attend Head Start?
13. If my child is not selected at the beginning of the school year, does that mean they will not be selected for that school year?
14. If the child's biological parents are not in the household, what types of documents are required to enroll her/him in the Head Start program?
15. I just moved to this state. Will someone help me connect to services available to my family?
16. Is my child eligible for Head Start or Early Head Start?
17. Is my child going to learn to read in Head Start?
18. I've already applied, what next?
19. I've completed the enrollment packet when does my child start?
20. I've met with a FSS, when do I enroll my child?
21. My child has a food allergy how does Maricopa County handle this?
22. My child has medication that he needs every day… Can I give it to the teacher to give it to him?
23. What are the Family Income Guidelines?
24. What are the hours of the Early Head Start Program?
25. What are the hours of the Head Start Program?
26. What are the income requirements? How do I know if my family qualifies?
27. What do you do on a home visit?
28. What do you do on a visit for an expectant mother?
29. What happens if I get stuck in traffic or am late picking up my child?
30. What if my child gets hurt while at Head Start?
31. What if my child gets sick while in school?
32. What if my child has a special diet or my child is a picky eater?
33. What if my child still has potty accidents?
34. What if my income is higher than the poverty guidelines?
35. What if we do not qualify?
36. What is the definition of a "family” or "household"?
37. What is the definition of income?
38. What kind of services does your program provide?
39. What kinds of food do you provide my child?
40. What materials/supplies does my child need to attend Head Start? Does my child need to bring his/her own lunch/snack?
41. When and how will I know my child has been selected?
42. When does school start and end?
43. Where is the nearest Head Start classroom to my home?
44. Why does Head Start/Early Head Start require my child to have a dental and physical?
45. Why does it look like they are just playing when I go to visit?
46. Why does my child need a physical and dental to start?
47. Why does my child's teacher need to visit my home and what are they looking for?
48. Why do I see busses in my neighborhood and I have to drive my child?
49. Will I need to turn in another application if my child is on the waitlist?