Why are the following fields often blank?

Unfortunately a good portion of the recorders are missing the following fields.

  • RLS

  • Company Name

  • Project / Job Number

There are several reasons for this.

  • We (MCDOT) received a rather large chunk from A Team and Associates (thanks for the contribution!) however they were not indexing those particular fields.

  • From the beginning, we (MCDOT) were not indexing these field as well.

  • Even after we (MCDOT) started to record the fields, in some cases the RLS number is obscured or unreadable.

We simply have not taken the time as of yet to go back and do the research required to fill in all the blank fields. FYI Roughly 58% of all the recorders indexed as of 09-25-2003 do NOT have the above fields populated. It is unforseen at this time when it will be accomplished.

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