Weather Outlook

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Date & Time: 01/16/2019 8:45 AM MST

Forecaster: Henz, D.

Yesterday’s weather system brought widespread rain to the County with northwestern locales being the big winners as far as totals. That system has since exited the state, but lingering moisture and cool overnight temperatures have led to a foggy morning across the lower deserts. General clearing and drying will commence today into the first half of Thursday before another disturbance quickly passes through the region. Moving ahead, plan on quiet and warm weather for this upcoming weekend.

For today plan on partly to mostly sunny skies after the morning fog burns off. Afternoon temperatures will rebound back into the 66˚F-68˚F range around the Valley. Variable winds will hover in the 3-8mph range into this evening. Overnight lows will dip into the mid 40s around the urban corridor under mostly clear skies.

For tomorrow plan on mostly sunny skies to start the day before cloudier conditions into the evening. Daytime highs will climb towards the 70˚F mark around the Valley. Variable winds will remain in the light category with no gusts around 10-15 later into the evening. A fast moving disturbance will brush the northern half of the County overnight bringing a few light showers and increased breezes before a return to sunny skies on Friday.

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