Weather Outlook

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Date & Time: 03/31/2020 8:10 AM MST

Forecaster:  Field, B.

Not a lot to talk about as yesterdays’ forecast remains on track with a mostly zonal flow (west to east) and dry conditions. A weak upper-level disturbance will bring breezy conditions and some high-level clouds over the next few days. Afternoon highs will peak Wednesday in the upper ‘80s for parts of the Valley then take a step back to finish out the workweek. After this, mostly calm and clear conditions will accompany near normal highs for the foreseeable future.

For today, expect passing high clouds under mostly calm conditions. Variable winds will remain less than 12 mph with no gusts of any significance. Afternoon highs will warm to the 79°F-82°F range around the Valley. Overnight lows will dip to the 55°F-60°F range for most locales under mostly cloudy skies.

For tomorrow expect a very warm day with decreasing clouds and slightly breezy conditions. Variable winds hover below 16 mph for most of the County. Afternoon temperatures will climb to the 83°F-86°F range around the Valley. Evening lows will be in the mid to upper ‘50s under mostly clear conditions and slightly breezy winds (10-15 mph). For Thursday expect breezy conditions under clear skies with winds near 16 mph. Afternoon highs will back off to the 78°F-81°F range around the Valley. Looking ahead, a beautiful weekend is coming up with temperatures near normal accompanied by sunny and dry conditions. Enjoy!

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