Transportation Improvement Program

Purpose of the TIP

The Maricopa County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) annual Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) contains planned roadway system improvements for the County. These improvements include new or improved roadways, bridges, drainage structures, intersection improvements, Intelligent Transportation Systems and more. The TIP allows MCDOT to plan for five years of future projects through the development process (planning, scoping, design and construction).

Projects identified in the first year of the TIP are part of the annual adopted County budget. The County does not adopt a multi-year budget and the TIP allows for public documentation of projects planned for years two through five.

The County's annual budget is adopted by the Board.

Developing the TIP

The TIP is developed annually. The process begins by analyzing previously budgeted/scheduled TIP projects based upon project cost, commitment of financial partners (i.e. cities and towns) and available funding. New projects are developed from requests by cities/towns, State, and the public. These projects are then reviewed and the highest rated projects are then recommended for inclusion in the new TIP.
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