Reheating Toolbox

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How to Get Started Developing Your Plan

How to Get Started Chinese Label

Let's Start With These Videos

1 Start with These Videos Chinese Label

Website Under Construcion

Website Under Construction Chinese Label

Review These Documents

2 Review These Documents Chinese Label

AMC Features (PDF)

AMC Features Chinese Label

AMC Overview Guidance (PDF)

AMC Overview Guidance Chinese Label

Reheating Challenges Guidance (PDF)

Reheating Challenges Guidance Chinese Label

Need Help Developing Your Policy?

3 Developing Your Policy Chinese Label

Reheating Policy Poster (PDF)

Reheating Policy Essentials Chinese Label

Policies Are Actions (PDF)

Policies Are Actions Chinese Label

Reheating Policy Guidance (PDF)

Reheating Policy Guidance Chinese Label

Reheating Policy Sample Language (PDF)

Reheating Policy Sample Language Chinese Label

Reheating Policy Template (PDF)

Reheating Policy Template Chinese Label

Need Help Implementing a Training Program?

4 Implementing Training Program Chinese Label

Reheating Training Poster (PDF)

Reheating Training Essentials Chinese Label

Teach Demonstrate Practice (PDF)

Teach Demonstrate Practice Chinese Label

Reheating Training Guidance (PDF)

Reheating Training Guidance Chinese Label

Reheating Log (PDF)

Reheating Log Chinese Label

Need Help Establishing Verification Methods?

5 Establishing Verification Methods Chinese Label

Reheating Verification Poster (PDF)

Reheating Verification Essentials Chinese Label

Verification Ensures Success (PDF)

Verification Ensures Success Chinese Label

Reheating Verification Guidance (PDF)

Reheating Verification Guidance Chinese Label

Need Additional Resources?

6 Need Additional Resources Chinese Label

Communication is Key (PDF)

Communication Is Key Chinese Label

Time Temperature Control for Safety Foods (PDF)

TCS Foods Chinese Label

Temperature Sticker (PDF)

Temperature Sticker Chinese Label

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