Related Files

These materials are relevant programs and data files that are used with DDMSW. Specific documentation is provided for each file file as a reference guide for users.


If you are planning to convert a project developed under Drainage Design Management System for Windows (DDMSW) 2.1.0 and make it run under DDMSW 3.3.2, you will need to reference the Soil ID Cross Reference Table to convert the DDMSW 2.1.0 soil ID to DDMSW 3.3.2 soil ID.

These files are used with DDMS, and can be run independently from DDMS. Newer versions of MCUHP1.EXE and MCUHP2.EXE can be found after DDMSW 1.8 is installed on your PC. If DDMSW 1.8 is installed on the "C drive" on your PC, the newer version of MCUHP1.EXE and MCUHP2.EXE are located in "c:\ddmsw\models\."

DDMSW 3.3.2 Users

If you have downloaded the DDMSW 3.3.2 (June 12, 2007 version) from the Flood Control District of Maricopa County website, you can skip this procedure. If you received the DDMSW 3.3.2 installation package before June 12, 2007 or from one of the four training sessions at the Flood Control District of Maricopa County (October 24, 2006, November 7, 2006, April 5, 2007, May 14, 2007), you need to follow the instruction below to download the June 12, 2007 version of MCUHP1.

Installation Instructions for Version June 12, 2007 MCHUP1.EXE

  1. Close DDMSW 3.3.2 software if it is opened.
  2. Right click here and choose "Save target as..." to download MCUHP1.EXE to the "Models" folder under the DDMSW 3.3.2 installation folder on your computer (by default, it is C:\FCDMC\ST\). If any overwriting warning message pops up, select OK to replace the old MCUHP1.EXE.


If you have any questions, please email Dr. Carlos Carriaga.