Version 4.8.0 Full Install

Release Date

June 16, 2014

About Drainage Design Management System for Window 4.8.0

The Drainage Design Management System for Windows (DDMSW) program is a pre-processing tool for HEC-1 rainfall-runoff model. This new release of DDMSW provides new features and capabilities that enhance the development of HEC-1 model and use of Rational Method as well as in the post-processing of model results.

In addition to the improvements on the hydrology module, significant refinements have also been implemented on the river mechanics module including:
  • Lateral Erosion
  • Launch-Able Riprap
  • Low-Flow Incisement Methodology
  • Riprap Sizing
  • Sediment Yield Analysis
Also, street drainage hydraulics and storm water drainage systems modeling are two features that are currently implemented in this new release of the program.

New Features of DDMSW 4.8.0

DDMSW 4.8.0 includes the following new features and capabilities.

Hydrology & Hydraulics

  • Modeling of standard and customized storm events using NOAA 14.
  • Use of special codes.
  • Automatic generation of a model network for imported HEC-1 input file.
  • Plotting of flow hydrographs from model runs.
  • Land use impact comparison.
  • Use of PREFRE to generate NOAA 2 rainfall data outside Maricopa County.
  • Save or post model results into GIS.
  • Reservoir routing analysis for Rational Method.
  • Improved NSTPS calculator.
  • Modification date stamp for projects.
  • Description provided for each "Update" button.
  • Capability to include transmission losses in normal depth routing.
  • Description of land use codes on the form.
  • Storage facilities routing provides option to enter storage volume or pool surface area data.
  • Import functionality to read runoff summary from external HEC-1 output file.
  • Functionality to evaluate street drainage hydraulics.
  • Functionality to model storm drainage systems for both surface and sub-surface facilities.

River Mechanics

  • Refinement of the riprap sizing functionality.
  • New launch-able riprap functionality.
  • Refinements on the sediment yield analysis to include a plot of the project value against regional sediment yield data.
  • New lateral erosion analysis functionality.
  • Incorporate a new procedure for low-flow incisement evaluation.
  • Post model results into GIS.