Board of Supervisors Meeting Information


The five (5) member Board meets as defined in the Annual Posting Notice . Additional meetings throughout the year are listed in the Special Posting Notice.  Use the Meetings & Agendas table below to locate information related to a particular meeting. If you are unsure of the date on which a particular item was heard, you may also click on the Meetings link (next to the Home link below) to find an item based upon key words and/or a date range. (NOTE:  If using Internet Explorer, the Meeting link will require opening a new window, by clicking "Open this content in a new window".  Please close that window to return to this webpage.)  

UPDATE:  Board of Supervisors Meetings

  • Following CDC guidelines regarding recommendation to limit social gatherings, no residents will be allowed in the Board of Supervisors' meeting rooms.
  • Directions for remote access to any public meeting will be available on this site at least 24 hours before any meeting.                         

NOTE:  Webinar meeting IDs and access codes will change each meeting.  Check back for the most current codes for future meetings.

Meetings on the Clerk of the Board website are available online beginning July 2008. To request information from meetings prior to July 2008, please submit a Public Records Request to the Office of the Clerk of the Board.

To leave comments for the Board of Supervisors, please send them to

Instructions for searching Board of Supervisors agendas for meetings prior to those listed on this page and since 7/1/2008,  For the best experience, please use Chrome when conducting searches.

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  4. Disclosure Notices

Formal Meeting

Formal meetings typically occur on Wednesdays and are included on the annual posting notice (PDF). The formal meeting includes action agenda items from the various county departments and districts and often includes items from planning and development.  Formal meeting are open to the public.

Agendas that include "Call to the Public" accommodate comments addressed to the Board of Supervisors. A completed Speakers Form must be submitted to the Clerk before "Call to the Public" begins.

Informal Meeting

Informal meetings typically occur on Mondays and are included on the annual posting notice (PDF). Often this meeting is comprised of presentations to the board but may also include items that require board action.  Informal meetings are open to the public.

Special Meeting

Special meetings are announced via a special public notice, which can be found in the meetings and agenda section.  Special Meetings, with the exception of Special Executive Meetings, are open to the public.

Executive/Special Executive Meeting

The Board of Supervisors and/or the referenced Boards of Directors may vote to recess into executive session for the purpose of obtaining legal advice from the board’s attorney on any matter listed on an agenda pursuant to ARS §38-431.03 (a)(3), or for any other matter authorized under ARS §38-431.03, which has been specifically listed on the meeting agenda identifying the statutory basis for executive session consideration. Executive meetings are included on the annual posting notice (PDF) or may be posted as special meetings; however, the executive meetings are not open to the public.


Agendas contain information that is reasonable and necessary to inform the public of the matters to be discussed or decided, the time and place of the meeting, and must be available at least 24 hours prior to a scheduled meeting.  Agendas may include supportive documentation, if provided, as a hyperlink to the agenda item title, and are subject to change.  These documents are not fully executed documents.  To obtain a copy of the fully executed document after the Board has acted upon the item, please submit a Public Records Request, or contact the Office of the Clerk of the Board.

  • The Draft agenda and supportive documentation are often available 3 days before the meeting for a Formal Meeting.  This version is subject to change.
  • The Final agenda and supportive documentation are available at least 24 hours before a Meeting.  This version may be modified at the meeting itself.
  • Formal Meeting agenda items that were added to the Final agenda after the Draft agenda was published will be placed in the Addendum section of the Final agenda.  Amended agenda items are notated on the Final agenda through the use of strike-add.
  • Informal and Special Meeting agendas are often posted only as Final agendas; no Draft agenda may be published for these meetings.

Agendas for Other Boards

As needed, agendas for each of the following Boards are included on the main Board of Supervisors’ agenda:

  •  Board of Deposit Board of Directors (BOD)
  •  The Flood Control District Board of Directors (FCD)
  •  The Improvement District Board of Directors (ID)
  •  The Library District Board of Directors (LD)
  •  The Stadium District Board of Directors (SD)