Erosion Based Deposition of Materials

If an erosion event, such as a rainstorm, causes bulk materials to be deposited onto a paved road or parking lot, then the owner or operator of the property that was the source of the material must use measures to control the erosion and clean up eroded material. (Bulk material is defined as any material capable of producing dust, such as earth, sand, mud, construction debris, trash, feeds, or fertilizers.)

Dust control measures include removing the material from the paved surfaces and disposing of the materials in such a way that another source of dust is not created. Dust control measures have been implemented effectively when dust emissions do not exceed 20% opacity. (For more information about dust opacity, view the Dust Abatement Handbook (PDF) § 9-1.)

For more information, consult Rule 310.01 § 302.9, or call 602-506-6010.

Page reviewed 29 March 2019