Electrical, Sewer, & Water Service

Electrical Service

Electrical services are provided by either Salt River Project (SRP); visit them at the SRP website or call them at 602-236-0777 or 602-236-8888. Arizona Public Services Company (APS) is also available; visit the APS website or call them at 602-371-7171 or 800-253-9405 - depending on your location within the County. Contact either APS or SRP with an address or location and they will let you know who services the area.

Water & Sewer Service

For water and sewer services, contact the Arizona Corporation Commission/Utilities Division-Consumer Services at 602-542-4251, 1-800-222-7000 or go to the corporation website Utilities Division Water/Sewer page. They can provide information about available water or sewer service companies for a given area but you must supply them with an address or a legal description of the property. If there are no services, then you should contact Arizona Department of Water Resources for ground water/well drilling information and Maricopa County Environmental Services by calling 602-506-6666 or visiting their page online for information regarding septic system installation and permitting.