What is OET?

The Office of Enterprise Technology (OET) is the County’s centralized IT organization providing IT services to over 50 county departments. Services provided include:
  • Personal Workspace - PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile devices
  • Enterprise Services - network infrastructure, data center, information security
  • Business Applications - enterprise applications and line-of-business applications
For a complete listing of OET Services, please refer to Our Services.
Network Cloud Technology
Our professional staff partner with County Departments to provide innovative, reliable, and secure services and solutions that create business value for each Department and to support their delivery of quality service to customers of Maricopa County.


To be recognized as a first-class technology organization by the customers we serve.

Business Value

OET is focused on delivering the highest value for each dollar invested in information technology for the County. With over 200 staff and valuable partnerships with industry leaders, we deliver solutions that enhance the County’s capabilities for providing innovative and cost-effective service.
OET By The Numbers
Reliability By The Numbers
To learn more about OET’s contributions to creating business value for the County, please refer to our Business Value Report.

Executive Leadership Team

Learn more about OET’s Leadership team, including the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and his Executive Team.