Wellness Works

Maricopa County's Wellness Works program supports and encourages a healthy workforce by providing programs and resources to help employees maintain or improve their health.


Employee Benefits and Wellness Division

StayWell Portal

Premise Health Care Center and Pharmacy
Health Center: 480-347-4791
Pharmacy: 602-283-9925


  • LA Fitness memberships at reduced rates for County employees and their familiesWellness Banner
  • Onsite Fitness Centers with free memberships at various County locations
  • Premise Onsite Health Clinic and Walgreens Pharmacy (301 W. Jefferson St. location) for employees to visit with a nurse practitioner, or pick up a prescription
  • Weight Watchers at Work reimbursement for employees who meet program requirements
  • Wellness campaigns offered throughout the year (Bike to Work Day, Fitness Walk, etc.)
  • A  Wellness Incentive ($60.00/month) to help employees reduce the cost of their medical premium

Detailed information about these programs can be found on the County’s Intranet, (MyMC) on the Wellness Works page.

Just Breathe Graphic

April - It’s Time to Just Breathe

One of the best things you can do to reduce stress is just breathe. Learn deep breathing techniques and/or download a tip sheet with activities to help you manage stress.

Attend a 5-minute guided deep breathing exercise. Register below.

Webinar: Deep Breathing, Part 1
presented by Wellness Works
Tuesday, April 22 | 12:00-12:15 pm
Register here.

Webinar: Deep Breathing, Part 2
presented by Wellness Works
Tuesday, May 6 | 12:00-12:15 pm
Register here.

Email Campaign: Breathing
Starts April 13

We breathe all the time without even thinking about it. 

Sign up here to receive four weekly emails beginning April 13. They will provide you with a new way to use your breath to manage stress.