Bike to Work

Bike to Work - Group of People Biking

Bike to Work Day is Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Join employees of Maricopa County, the City of Phoenix, and the State of Arizona at the annual Bike to Work Day. County and city elected officials will host a bike ride and light breakfast in downtown Phoenix with the goal of inspiring citizens to increase their fitness and decrease pollution. Everyone is welcome to join the ride regardless of their bike-riding experience and fitness level. Participants will need to bring their own bikes, or use the Social Bicycle app to find and rent a bike.

Participants may choose to ride with a large police-escorted group from midtown Phoenix to CityScape, or to ride directly to CityScape at 1 E. Washington St.

Everyone is invited to visit CityScape to hear speakers, cheer on the riders, and support the bicycle community. Community volunteers will be on hand to promote health, fitness, safety, bicycle commuting, clean air, and more! Come out and join us. 
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  1. Group Ride
  2. Solo Ride
  3. Bike Safety
  4. County / City / State Challenge
  5. GR:D Bikes
Join a police-escorted group bike ride from midtown to downtown CityScape. Details about the route will be posted soon.

  • The bike racks located at the Bike to Work event in CityScape will be removed at the end of the event. 
  • This is a "green" event so all bicyclists are encouraged to bring their own water bottles. Water for refilling bottles will be available at the starting point and at CityScape, no disposable bottles will be provided.
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