For Ryan White Part A Providers

  1. New Provider Staff Information

    Find resources to help you learn about the Ryan White program (RWPA), what documents are required as part of on-boarding to the RWPA program, getting you access to CAREWare and to request any training or technical assistance.

  2. Policies & Procedures

    Learn more about the policies and procedures for Ryan White Part A including contract policies, grievance polices, and service category policies.

  3. Conditions of Awards

    All Condition of Awards are required at the beginning of every grant year. Find a short description and template of all required Condition of Awards.

  4. Grievances

    Grievance policies have been developed for clients and grantees to provide procedures related to funding decisions, including procedures for submitting grievances that cannot be resolved by binding arbitration.

  5. Billing

    Providers are required to submit monthly invoices for each service category/contract to the Grantee Office no later than the fifteenth day of the month following the month services were provided.

  6. CAREWare Access Request

    Access to the Maricopa County network is offered to provide a connection to the CAREWare centralized database for reporting of client level demographics and service data.

  7. National Monitoring Standards

    The National Monitoring Standards are designed to help Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Part A and B (including ADAP) grantees meet federal requirements for program and fiscal management, monitoring, and reporting to improve program efficiency and responsiveness.

  8. Publications

    Find publications including Assessments of the Administrative Mechanism, Needs Assessments/Studies, and Comprehensive Plans.