Got Controls?

  1. Basic IT Controls

    Basic IT Controls

    Get information about the basic Information Technology controls that every employee should know and practice.

  2. Cash Handling Controls

    Cash Handling Controls

    Learn about common cash control weaknesses and how to fix them.

  3. Contingency Planning

    Contingency Planning

    Know the importance of reviewing and testing your backup and contingency plans.

  4. Contract Compliance

    Contract Compliance

    Find the proper way to handle contract purchases, and applicable County policies and stories of what happens when the controls are not in place.

  5. Ethics


    Explore everyday ethical dilemmas and the right and wrong ways to handle them.

  6. Procurement Card Controls

    Procurement Card Controls

    Review 4 important controls over procurement cards that every employee should know and practice.

  7. Supervisor Approvals

    Supervisor Approvals

    Find information about the importance of ensuring that supervisors review and approve key transactions.

  8. Travel


    Discover common travel mistakes, applicable travel policies, and helpful tips to maximize your agency’s travel dollars.

Self Assessment

Self-assessment tools facilitate a more complete and thorough audit. They can also help our clients do a self-assessment of their own controls.

This questionnaire (PDF) is designed to help the user identify weak control areas relating to the organization's information technology. By identifying weak areas within the organization, efforts can be made to strengthen the weaknesses providing more confidence in the data integrity.